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Preliminary Program

How Millennials will Use Autonomous Vehicles – An Interview Study
Christina Pakusch

Building Ecosystem to Support Social Mobility for Person with Disabilities (PWD): Malaysia Context
Ruhiyati Idayu Abu Talib, Mohd Shahrizal Sunar, Predrag K. Nikolic, Ruzimi Mohamed

The Effect of Bankruptcy on the Intangible Assets Valuation
Miriam Šefčíková

Bridge Monitoring with Predictive Intelligence
Ricardo Carmona

The Smart Logistics
Dagmar Caganova, Richard Jurenka, Natalia Hornakova

Governance of Network State
Marcel Sevela

Use of modern technologies at baggage tracking and its impact to airline revenue
Matúš Bozogáň, Soňa Hurná

The importance of housing companies in the development of sustainable housing and increase in competitiveness
Janka Babelová, Jarmila Machajdikova

Are Home-based Businesses New Trends in Working Environment for Youth and Senior Entrepreneurs in Europe?
Anna Pilkova, Marian Holienka

Industry 4.0 – the need of rethink strategic planning
Anna Saniuk

Communication Tools of Social Enterprises in the Czech Republic and European Union Data Protection
Richard Pospisil

Testbed on IT communication in Smart Grid: a cyber security demonstration
Yannis Soupionis, Nikoleta Andreadou, Thierry Benoist

The platform of production capacity exchange management as a support for implementation of the Industry 4.0 concept
Sebastian Saniuk

Simulator for Smart City Environment
Ricardo Manuel Santos Martins, Henrique Santos, Aníbal Leite, Álvaro Matos, Paulo Cunha

Managerial Skills for Innovation Support
Vladimír ŠVAČ, Dagmar Cagáňová

Investigation of the Influence of Diamond Smoothering Treatment Power Parameters on Microgeometry of Working Surfaces of Conjugated Parts
Valentyn Zablotskyi, Sergii Moroz, Anatolii Tkachuk, Stanislav Prystupa, Oleg Zabolotnyi

Development of Employee Commitment Extent in Innovation Processes in Slovak Organisations
Dagmar Caganova, Zdenko Stacho,  Katarína Stachová

EDGE4ALL – Edge Computing for Smart City
Ricardo Manuel Santos Martins, Henrique Santos,  Aníbal Leite, Álvaro Matos, Paulo Cunha

External partnerships in employee education and development as the key to facing the Industry 4.0 challenges
Lucia Kohnová, Ján Papula, Katarína Stachová, Zdenko Stacho

Rediscovering sustainable cities by technology
Mauro Romanelli

Bike Sharing – As Urban Transport Solution in a Small City
Mária Holienčinová, Zdenka Kádeková, Tomáš Holota, Ľudmila Nagyová

Communication management in multi-client system using SMS gateway
Pistek Peter, Martin Hudec

Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Sector: Empirical evidences of IoHT Benefits and Limits on chronic disease management
Gabriele Palozzi, Daniele  Binci, Irene Schettini

Smart Surveillance Systems and Their Applications
Mircea Petic, Andrei Braicov, Ivan Budanaev, Marco Cosentino, Walter Matta, Alessandro Mattiacci

Performance comparison of zoning techniques in geographic forwarding rules for ad hoc networks
Mohammed Souidi, Ahmed Habbani

Identifying Points of Interest and Similar Individuals from Raw GPS Data
Thiago Andrade, João Gama

Intelligent Hardware-Software Platform for Efficient Coupling of Water-Energy Nexus in Smart Cities: A Conceptual Framework
Naran Pindoriya, Markus Duchon, Pragya Kirti Gupta, Venkatesh Pampana, S N Singh, Jakob Giza, Arvind Kumar Rajput, Janki Jethi

Cost Analysis of Telemedicine Implementation in the lens of Healthcare Sustainability: a Review of the Literature
Gabriele Palozzi, Antonio Chirico, Francesco Gabbrielli

Enhancing Resilience by Understanding Smart City and Safe City Concepts and their Common Systems
Maroš Lacinák

Analytic Network Process as a Tool of Innovative Management at Manufacturing Technology Selection
Peter Monka, Katarina Monkova, Andrej  Andrej, Jozef Tkac, Vladimir Duchek, Milan Edl, Helena Zidkova

Aspects Affecting Emissions Production from Small Heat Sources
Jozef Jandacka, Michal Holubcik, Nikola Kantova

Designing Playful Cities: Audio-Visual Metaphors for New Urban Environment Experience
Predrag K. Nikolic, Hua Yang

A review on Software-Defined Networking (SDN)-Enabled Smart Building: Its architecture, Challenges and use cases
Muhammad Usman Younus

Application of Casual Two-Dimensional Packaging Models for Simulation Structural Characteristics of Porous Powder Materials
Oleg Zabolotnyi, Oleksandr Povstyanoy, Victor Rud, Viktor Sychuk

Smart Solutions for Big/Small Cities
Michal Balog, Angelina Iakovets, Lucia Knapcikova

Intelligent Mobile-Based Recommender System for Smart Freight Transport Framework
Mohamed Yacine Gheraibia

FMWare: IoT-based Fleet Management System
Jungsoo Lim, Patrick Flinner, Momhammed Al Rawi, Sammy Urbina, Russell Abbott

Smart Collaborative Learning Environment for Visually Impaired Children
Ruhiyati Idayu Abu Talib, Predrag K. Nikolic, Mohd Shahrizal Sunar, Rui Prada

Migration and Diversity Potentials for the Labour Market
Petia Genkova

Evaluation of parking policy in Bratislava in the context of economic growth and automotive transport development in Slovakia
Julius Golej, Daniela Spirkova

Gender differences in the Income of Employees over 50 with Emphasis on Various Sectors of Economy
Jana Stávková, Naďa Hazuchová,  Hana Porkertová, Martina Rašticová

Cooperation models for employee education: analysis on Slovak and Czech companies
Lucia Kohnová

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